Dec. 19th, 2011 02:35 am
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My poetry teacher continues to be a total slacker, so I still don't know what I have in there, but this quarter I came away from Spanish and Music Appreciation with 4.0s. In each. Yes.

That means that in one quarter I have tripled the number of perfect grades I've received at the college level. Which, okay, Music Appreciation, not the most difficult course, especially for someone with twenty-three years of music playing music on one instrument or another under their belt. I'm more boggled that I got a 4.0 in a foreign language. I mean, it's just Spanish, which is not the world's most challenging language or anything, but still.

(And yet I still can't use the past tense, or talk about . . . pretty much anything but the weather and what I like to do and how I'm feeling and what my name is and where I live. :|a We only covered six chapters this quarter. And really, we only did half of chapter six.)

Next quarter I'm taking another quarter of Spanish, a World Prehistory course (I'm really looking forward to this! I love anthropology, and the anthro professor at my college is awesome, he's a great teacher), and "Communication Studies", which used to be Journalism 101 and gets to be a fancier name now and cover blogging as well as newspapers. (I assume, anyways.)
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