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[ profile] cpip asked me five questions! If you want to be asked questions, comment here and I'll ask your five. :)

1. I read you're back in classes -- what are you studying?

Right now, my only class is math - precalc. Because I got my financial aid information in late, I had to pay out of pocket and I couldn't afford more than that. x_x

2. Read any good books lately?

I just re-read all eight books in the Blood and Smoke serieses by Tanya Huff. I fucking love those books. Urban fantasy/supernatural mystery/romance/gay romance/poly. (I'm not usually a huge poly fan, but in the Blood series, it works. Henry and Vicki are a great couple, as are Henry and Tony, and Celluci and Vicki are wonderful together too. Henry needs more blood than he can safely take from one person constantly, so having both Vicki and Tony as lovers/regular sources makes him safer because he has to go hunting that much less, as well as giving him the added benefit of the extra satisfaction that comes from feeding when emotions are involved. Meanwhile, Vicki has chronic committment issues and so having both Henry and Celluci helps keep her from feeling tied down. And Tony, well, Tony's just enjoying the fact that, thanks to Henry's contacts, he's got a job that doesn't involve selling himself, a roof over his head and a bathroom of his very own, and, of course, great sex with a hot vampire who cares about him and looks after him. Honestly, he's quite possibly the least healthy part of the entire dynamic because he's so used to being used that he lets Henry control him entirely. Even as grumpy as Celluci can get over sharing Vicki with Henry, he's still generally healthier in his competitiveness than Tony is in his willingness to be whatever Henry wants him to be. But Tony does end up growing out of that, so.)

(I could essay on this for hours. But I won't.)

3. You can relocate wherever you like and have the home of your choice readied and waiting for you. Where shall we put the house?

Honestly, I love it right here where I am. It's beautiful, and the weather is generally the sort I enjoy. I love rain and cool temperatures. (And I generally like this house, too, though if we could just . . . expand the footprint a bit, make the bathrooms larger and replace the tubs with larger ones, maybe put a fence around the yard so I could let the dog out to run without worrying, and add a swimming pool . . . XD) I'm pretty comfortable here. It's where I grew up, the house I grew up in. Not all my memories here are good, but it's home.

Though if I could have this place still and also live somewhere else (part of the year here, part there . . . sort of thing) I'd probably go for Wales, somewhere slightly rural but near Cardiff so I could have privacy while being able to go to the city without a huge trip. I've kind of fallen in love with Wales thanks to Torchwood - it's got the rainy and cool that I love, and hearing Welsh accents all day? Yes plz. >__>

4. What skill are people most surprised you possess?

I'm not sure I have any surprising skills. Honestly, I haven't got a lot of skills. I suppose my general knowledge can surprise people. I know a lot of things about a lot of stuff, and people are sometimes surprised by what I know. Like, there was the one time in high school, a boy was asking the drama teacher what porn films where they kill someone during sex are called. And the teacher was like "How should I know?!" And I'm just like [looks up from book] "Snuff films." [looks back down] They were definitely surprised I knew that. XD

5. What are your eight Desert Island Discs?

Hm, so if I'm understanding right, that means eight songs?

Pretty easy. I love music, and there's a lot of music I can listen to for hours on end, but for that much repeat play, I'd have to go with:

Moist - Silver
Vienna Teng - Eric's Song
Our Lady Peace - Not Enough
EmiliƩ Autumn - Save You
Diamond Rings - All Yr Songs
David Usher - Love Will Save The Day (No link because the studio recording is blocked to non-Canadian IPs on Youtube. >[ )
Debussy - Gardens in the Rain
Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata

I could listen to any one of those eight on constant repeat for a long, long time, and there's enough different moods represented that I would have a song for how I was feeling most of the time.

So there you have it. XD
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