May. 18th, 2013

canaa: (why should the world be overwise)
Just occurred to me that I haven't updated here in... quite a while. Since February? My cat who was ill at the time has since more-or-less made a full recovery - even his eyesight has returned, thank god. The day he started chasing a laser pointer I could not stop smiling.

So he's mostly upstairs again; he and my Abby get on all right, but his brother is up there, and his dogs and his other feline friends.

Unfortunately, while he's doing better, we lost our oldest cat to kidney failure a little over two months ago.

Other than that? Well... I've started playing Guild Wars 2, because I can't afford to keep my WoW account going, and GW2 is Buy to Play. I don't need to spend another cent on it now, as long as I can resist the lure of cash shop shinies. >_>

Not much else to update on, really, unless you're all desperate to hear about the Saga of the Toe Infection. But really. It's toes. They're not cute like a kitty, so I think I'll spare you. No one wants to hear about my toes. XD

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