May. 10th, 2011

canaa: (and mouth with myriad subtleties)
The last time I did one of these was years ago, and my view of myself has shifted in several ways, so here's a new one: Johari | Nohari It's kind of funny, in a sad way, how hard it was to pick just six words on the Nohari, even though I'm 100x happier than I used to be and I can honestly say that I no longer hate myself. (So, for the record, a lot of the negative things that are gonna show up in my blind spot are actually my arena, it just wouldn't let me take them all. :p)

In actual news, I got a 100% on my first Biological Anthropology test, a 97% on my first Introduction to Sociology test, and an A- (not sure about exact %) on my first U.S. History test. Despite having obtained a new videogame just before the quarter started and having been obsessing over it for the last month. And a girl in sociology asked me to tutor her in it - apparently, the professor suggested me. Apparently, I could get paid for it, too. :|a Okay, sure. It won't even eat up any of my day that isn't already spent at the college, since she and I both have the hour between our anthropology and sociology classes free. Not sure how good I'll do at tutoring, but hey, I can try?

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